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Adjunct Professors teaching Project Management (PM) have many tasks. They have to verify, tailor, and update PM content. They have limited support staff and receive little to no compensation for preparation activities outside of the classroom. Aside from these challenges, the PM curriculum is constantly evolving, requiring updates. So, what can we do to help the adjunct professor meet the demands to prepare and deliver accurate and engaging Project Management academic curriculum?

This PM academic curriculum challenge is daunting! Most colleges and universities offer PM as a separate or integrated Undergraduate or Graduate degree. Adjunct professors are a key component to meet the projected demand of 25 million more Project Managers by 2030; often working at multiple educational institutions.

With this projected demand, the adjunct professor has multiple goals when evaluating a training resource: 1) Verify that you are teaching current curriculum; 2) Tailor curriculum to student needs; and 3) Update content based on feedback. Let’s look these three goals! We want to ensure the adjunct professor gets the best Project Management curriculum for their students.

Tailored to All Students!

Verify Current Academic Curriculum

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is the global leader for PM training and certifications. PMI sets the standards for updated project management content. Staying up to date with that content is a full-time job. Peak Business Management is a proud PMI Authorized Training Partner (ATP). That keeps us at the forefront of project management trends and updated. In addition to that, our instructors also regularly serve in various roles that drive the future of our profession. We are the decision makers who influence industry content, practices, and techniques. Peak is an institutional resource available for the adjunct professor, aligning with PMI Standards, Surveys, and Bodies of Knowledge to verify the PM curriculum.

Tailor Academic Curriculum to Student Needs

Now that we have verified the curriculum, we need to tailor it to your Students! Peak tailors PM academic curriculum to your needs by adapting the ‘Essentials of Project Management’ to your requirements.

Available Tailored Options:

  • Semester length: Deliver the curriculum across five (5) to fifteen (15) weeks. Choose your pace.
  • Live or self-paced: Choose slide decks with instructor talking points or make use of the narrated videos. These choices allow blended delivery to add more modalities to your instruction.
  • In-person or virtual: The curriculum lends itself to either delivery method.
  • Grad or undergrad: Choose the PM assignments that align to your program’s level of rigor and expected learning outcomes.
  • Credit or non-credit: The curriculum satisfies state requirements for awarding credit. For non-credit programs, utilize the curriculum for professional development or certificate programs.
  • Learning methods and teaching approach:  videos, assignments, quizzes, and team workshops

Our ability to provide stand-alone or integrated project management curriculum into a speciality or standing course allows the ultimate tailoring for an Adjunct Professor.

Gain Feedback and Update Academic Curriculum

Just like a project, our curriculum is strengthened by stakeholder engagement, speaking to your needs. Peak remains in contact with adjunct professors to ensure full satisfaction with our Essentials of Project Management curriculum. The Essentials of Project Management is more than a textbook. We offer a helping hand, including syllabus creation, assignments and workshops, a complete points/grading system, and full integration with Canvas and Blackboard.

Our Essentials of Project Management curriculum is available through, and directly from Peak Business Management. Click below for a demo now!

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This article was written by Frank Tank. Frank serves as the Military & Veteran Adviser to Peak Business Management. He is a certified PMP and a 30-year US Army Veteran, serving as an enlisted soldier and as an officer in the intelligence field. Frank guides military members and veterans who are pursuing PMI certifications.