Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification

Globally Recognized and in High Demand

We are Proud to be an Authorized Training Partner of the Project Management Institute.

What is PMP Certification?

At Peak Business Management, we provide world class training and support to help individuals pass the PMP exam and obtain their PMP certification. The first step is to attend our official PMI PMP Boot Camp. The PMP certification is meant to recognize project managers who have proven they have the skills and experience to successfully manage projects. PMP certification represents a globally recognized group of project managers. It proves project expertise and leadership in any way of working.
To obtain PMP certification, a project manager must meet certain prerequisites, including the 35-hours of project management education provided by this PMP Boot Camp. The PM exam was created by project leaders for project leaders, so each of the 180 questions on the exam can be related to real-life project management experiences.
PMP certification validates that you are highly skilled in each of the three exam domains:
  • People: Recognizing you have the skills to effectively lead and motivate a project team throughout a project.
  • Process: Using predictive, agile and hybrid approaches to determine which way of working is best for each project.
  • Business Environment: Highlighting the success of a project and its impact on overall strategic organizational goals.

33% higher

PMP certified project professionals report 33% higher median salaries compared to their non-certified counterparts, according to Earning Power, Salary Survey (2023).

25 million

By 2030, employers will need 25 million more individuals working in project management-related roles.

Peak PMP Boot Camp - World Class Training and Support

Peak partners with fellow Authorized Training Partner StormWind EPIC Live to provide our students 24×7 access and work-friendly class sessions. We even include exam question review sessions and document templates for project managers, so there’s no shortage of knowledge.

Senior Instructor: J. Ashley Hunt

There is simply no substitute for a great instructor. Over the last 15 years, Ashley has helped thousands of students from hundreds of companies around the globe prepare for the PMP® exam. She has an admirable reputation as a consultative trainer, subject-matter-expert, and engaging speaker. Ashley consistently receives exemplary evaluations and high praise from her students.

The Peak Trainer Team

The Peak team members
Personalized support along every step of your PMP® journey!

The Peak training team provides tailored service and support to assist you with your PMP application, an additional exam simulator with 1,000+ questions, and an exam readiness assessment. With this level of support our students regularly score Above Target on their exams! The Peak trainer team measures our own success by the success of our students.

Upcoming PMP® Schedule Options

One hour of 1-on-1 mentoring included with registration
Daily new student onboarding

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Starts June 24, 2024
2-Week PMP Boot Camp

Weekday Afternoons
(no class July 4th)
11:00am – 3:00pm EDT

Week 1
Monday, June 24th
Tuesday, June 25th
Wednesday, June 26th
Thursday, June 27th
*No class on Friday

Week 2
Monday, July 1st
Tuesday, July 2nd
Wednesday, July 3rd
*No class on July 4th
Friday, July 5th

Starts August 5, 2024
2-Week PMP Boot Camp

Monday – Thursday
11:00am – 3:00pm EDT

Week 1
Monday, August 5th
Tuesday, August 6th
Wednesday, August 7th
Thursday, August 8th
*No class on Friday

Week 2
Monday, August 12th
Tuesday, August 13th
Wednesday, August 14th
Thursday, August 15th
*No class on Friday

Starts August 26, 2024
2-Week PMP Boot Camp

Weekday Afternoons
(no class on Labor Day)
11:00am – 3:00pm EDT

Week 1
Monday, August 26th
Tuesday, August 27th
Wednesday, August 28th
Thursday, August 29th
*No class on Friday

Week 2
*No class Mon, September 2nd
Tuesday, September 3rd
Wednesday, September 4th
Thursday, September 5th
Friday, September 6th

Starts September 16, 2024
2-Week PMP Boot Camp

Monday – Thursday
11:00am – 3:00pm EDT

Week 1
Monday, September 16th
Tuesday, September 17th
Wednesday, September 18th
Thursday, September 19th
*No class on Friday

Week 2
Monday, September 23rd
Tuesday, September 24th
Wednesday, September 25th
Thursday, September 26th
*No class on Friday

Starts October 15, 2024
2-Week PMP Boot Camp

Weekday Afternoons
(no class Oct 14)
11:00am – 3:00pm EST

Week 1
*No class on Monday, October 14th
Tuesday, October 15th
Wednesday, October 16th
Thursday, October 17th
Friday, October 18th

Week 2
Monday, October 21st
Tuesday, October 22nd
Wednesday, October 23rd
Thursday, October 24th
* No class on Friday

Starts November 12, 2024
2-Week PMP Boot Camp

Weekday Afternoons
(no class November 11)
11:00am – 3:00pm EST

Week 1
*No class on Monday, November 11th
Tuesday, November 12th
Wednesday, November 13th
Thursday, November 14th
Friday, November 15th

Week 2
Monday, November 18th
Tuesday, November 19th
Wednesday, November 20th
Thursday, November 21st
*No class on Friday

Group Training

Groups of 10+
Discounted Rates Apply

How to make the case for PMP® certification to your employer

Your employer must see a return on their investment. Create a compelling case for the return on investment. In this article we provide the costs and benefits of PMP certification, and the steps you can take to convince your employer to make this investment in you.
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