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Course Description - Project Management for Everyone

Project Management for Everyone is a 4-session online series designed for the mid-level contributor or leader who is tasked with creating a new product, service, process, or outcome for their organization. This person is often assigned responsibilities because of their leadership and organizational skills. They likely do not hold the title of “Project Manager”. Nonetheless, they perform project-related tasks while facing the challenges of budget and schedule constraints and competing stakeholder needs. Over the series of four sessions, participants will learn: 

  • what a project is and why project management is important 
  • the importance of prioritizing project constraints 
  • the types of organizations that exist and how they affect projects 
  • how to prepare a project scope, budget and schedule based on the charter 
  • the techniques for balancing constraints such as resources and environmental influences 
  • how to engage stakeholders through effective communication 
  • tools to measure and report project performance and manage changes 
  • techniques for maintaining and sharing project documents for organizational learning

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