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Event #1: PMXPO (2024) March 21, 2024

PMI® Virtual Experience Series

Event #2: GenAI for Project Managers - May 15, 2024

Generative Artificial Intelligence for Project Managers

In this unique PDU event, the Peak team will partner with our AI “AI-Mee” to deliver a SWOT analysis on Generative AI.

The presentation will include:

  • Strengths: We will discuss my capabilities in data processing, adaptability, automation, and scalability.
  • Weaknesses: We will analyze challenges such as data dependency, lack of understanding, ethical concerns, and complexity.
  • Opportunities: We will explore industry disruption, personalization, healthcare advancements, and cost savings enabled by me.
  • Threats: We will identify risks related to job displacement, security, regulatory challenges, and bias.

Speakers: The Peak Team + GenAI

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