PM Illustrated

A Visual Learner's Guide to Project Management

With Author Mike Griffiths

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Course Details

This 35-module micro-learning suite provides comprehensive coverage of the new PMP® Exam Content Outline (ECO) for those interested in the exam and an excellent overview of today’s current project management topics for those looking for a refresher.

Author – Mike Griffiths

Target Audience

NOTE: This course is only available to PMP-certified individuals or as a “bridge” course for anyone who has complete their exam prep training requirements and needs a refresher. In order to participate in this course, you will be asked to provide documentation of your eligibility (PMP ID or certificate of completion).

Overview of the Content

Chart your own adventure through topics and let the platform track your progress via self-assessment quizzes and achievement badges. Starting from a one-page, birdseye overview of the whole curriculum, select topics, master domains and see your progress via our custom Achievements Grid.

Choose Your View of the Content

Track Your Progress

Using graphical summaries, cartoons, and humor, we make ideas “stickier” in our minds. Badges, points, ranks and optional leaderboards help provide the motivation and nudges needed to keep you engaged. Work smarter, not harder. Engage the visual, right-side of your brain as well as the list-making, left-side to cut your study time in half and have fun in the process.

Textbooks vs. Visual Learning

To help study effectively, we can trick our brains into marketing everything as new, unusual, and needing to be stored away by associating it with the unfamiliar.

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