The PMP® Reference List – 10 Books and 5,000+ Pages

Did you know that the new PMP® exam (2021 update) includes a reference list of suggested reading, and that the combined texts contain over 5,000 pages? That begs the question — Does a successful PMP candidate really have to read all of these books?

When you are pursuing a certification from the Project Management Institute, in addition to taking a preparation course it is important to include study time of your own. So, where should you spend that time, and what should you read? The Project Management Institute (PMI) has published a reference list of 10 books for the PMP® exam. In addition to these books, PMI states that, “it should also be noted that the references identified herewith are but one element of a broader set of educational resources and texts that might possibly be utilized for exam and study preparation”. What does this mean? Should you read all of these books from cover to cover in order to learn everything you need to know for the exam?

Before answering this question, I would like to show respect to each of these publications and the pool of incredibly talented authors who wrote them. The field of project management owes a debt of gratitude to those who document knowledge and lessons learned so that we can all benefit.
With that said, this collection of books includes a sum of around 5,670 pages.

(I arrived at this number with the help of Amazon and a calculator. Your total may vary slightly, but the principle is the same)

210 + 756 + 848 + 656 + 737 + 464 + 527 + 496 +688 + 288 = 5,670

As an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) of PMI, we utilize curriculum developed by PMI, intertwined with our own stories, experiences, and engaging content. The result is a condensed curriculum that includes only what you need to know in order to be successful.

Consider this. What if you are going on a wilderness adventure that includes hiking and mountain climbing? The terrain is unfamiliar to you and you aren’t really sure what pitfalls or risks you may face. Going it alone could result in some backtracking and wasted time. Wouldn’t it be easier to select a guide who can help you to navigate your path and have a much more enjoyable time? That is what a Authorized Training Partner can do for you. Don’t go it alone!

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